Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Digital Service Station® work?
Our workstations are optimized for capturing from videotape to Final Cut Pro and Avid media, recording your finished work out to videotape or exporting/encoding to other delivery formats. Hourly rates are determined by equipment used and vary by location.

Why should I use the Digital Service Station®?
Final Cut Pro and Avid editing systems are now practical enough for independents to own and operate themselves. VTRS, video i/o cards, monitors, scopes, legalizers, sync generators and all the other gear needed for professional video are not as affordable to own and maintain. That's where we come in!

How should I prepare my project for output and/or digital distribution?
As a general note Final Cut projects should be exported to self-contained QuickTime files for videotape recording. We recommend contacting your Digital Service Station directly for more specifics.

Can you capture or output straight from my external hard drive?
That would depend on several factors like drive throughput and media data rates. Firewire 800 hardware-RAID drives can generally handle all but the biggest HD video formats (for instance, Uncompressed 10-bit and 4:4:4 codecs are too heavy). We may need to copy media to or from your drive to our high-speed storage. We recommend contacting your Digital Service Station directly for more specifics.

I'm new to post-production and not sure how to plan for delivery, can you help?
Absolutely! All Digital Service Station affiliates are post production facilities with a wide range of professional services. We encourage planning your post production strategy early, even prior to shooting. Spending a small amount of production or pre-production time on planning post will pay dividends when you're ready to deliver. We recommend contacting your Digital Service Station directly to get started.


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